Campgaw News

New for the 2017-18 Season

Conveyor Lift for Tubing

With a new, single Sun Kid conveyor lift replacing both of our handle tows, tubers will be able to enjoy a greater uphill capacity. The carpet will take less space than the existing handle tows and requires no snow to opperate. This allows the tubing hill to have more tubing lanes for an increased downhill capacity and to open sooner and with less snow as well.

Tables and chairs in the main lodge and awning areas

All of the tables and chairs in the main lodge have either been restored or replaced. Guests can now enjoy a higher quality dining experience when taking a break from the slopes and enjoying a meal or a hot beverage from the Frosty Cup.

Three new, fully automatic snowguns

With the addition of three new automatic snowguns to our snowmaking fleet, we now have over thirty high efficiency snow guns ready to go. Campgaw likely has the highest density snowmaking system in the world. Over half of our snow guns are fully automated allowing us to make snow even during the most marginal conditions and make the most snow possible at any conditions.

Upgraded power for snowmaking and Chairlifts

Over the past several years, Campgaw has been upgrading its snowmaking fleet to the latest in snowmaking technology. These new snow guns use some of the most efficient snowmaking technology on the market today. However, this increased efficiency has been met with increased capacity. Due to the increase in total snowmaking capacity of our fleet, Campgaw has been pushing the limits of the capacity of our power system. You may have noticed that we never ran all of our snow guns while the lifts were running or the slope lights were on. The transformer upgrades will allow us to use our snowmaking fleet at its maximum capacity as well as run all our lifts and have all our slope lights on. I highly recommend coming owt for some evening skiing under the lights one night while we're making snow; it's an experience like no other.

Upgraded phone system

We have upgraded our phone lines from traditional copper lines to modern SIP trunks which will allow for high call clearity, a more efficient call center, and a better overall user experience when making calls to Campgaw.

Reorganized Multiweek Lesson Programs

Our multiweek programs have been rebranded and reorganized to provide a more focused and higher quality lesson experience to participants of all abilities.